Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Are Nerdy guys all Red Pill?

People criticize the Manosphere for "sperginess" quite a lot. I don't blame our critics for attacking us there: they probe our defenses routinely for even the slightest of weaknesses, rightfully fearing any sort of roll-back of their victories. A lot of Red Pill men do lack advanced social skills, particularly with women.

The Red Pill, after all, selects for men with women problems, which contains a disproportionate number of men with social skill deficits. At least, in this age. In a prior age, when women relied more on men for social and economic support, a social skills deficit would not prevent men from marrying. In an era where bars and online interactions increasingly dominate the mating market, yes, more men will suffer.

But, does the Red Pill monopolize "spergy" guys?


David Futerelle from "We Hunted the Mammoth" ? Part of his sheer disdain for the Red Pill crowd probably reflects a "There but for the Grace of God" attitude. The dude screams "neckbeard."

How about econ bloggers Paul Krugman and Tyler Cowen? Again, spergy guys. Not Red Pill. Tyler once called Roissy's former blog the most evil blog in the universe. Beating out Stormfront!

How about those Spergy guys in Silicon Valley? You know, the Brogrammers, who run the last vestige of patriarchy? These guys trend WAY socially liberal, enough that they ran Brendan Eich out of time for supporting the majority-held position of not letting gays get married. 

Most Spergy men-folk have little knowledge of the Manosphere and those that do, do not tend to ally themselves with the Neomasculine philosophy.

Let's consider the men in my real life. Since I grew up an INTJ, and my wife majored in Math, I know a lottttt of other spergy guys.

My brother-in-law, still in high school, is a raging feminist. He tests INTJ and spends most of his time reading manga, playing video games, studying math, and....reading...We Hunted the Mammoth. Hey, whatever floats his boat.

My best friend from high school? He cried when someone suggested he smoke marijuana. He studies cryptography for fun. He quit math team because it took too much time away from Debate team. No, really. His political beliefs are hardcore Democrat and hardcore feminist (including unlimited maternity leave and political quotas for women). He also does not like the "r-word."

My wife's college friend spent a half hour describing why he tries not to use the word "dude" because it's very disrespectful to women. And how great it is to have Yes Means Yes on college campuses finally.

Most of these guys not only do not buy into the Red Pill, they are aware of "Gender Issues" and decisively repudiate the neo-masculine perspective. If you want to find where all the "spergs" line up, look no further than the Yes Means Yes socially progressive hell in California. The NeoMasculine movement fields almost no spergs in comparison.

Does that mean Neo-Masculinity is wrong? Hell, even the nerds hate it! It MUST be wrong!


The three men above, combined, have walked this Earth for over 60 years. Between them, they have not a single relationship. Women don't hate these guys, but they sure hate the idea of sleeping with them, dating them, or loving them. Feminist credentials be damned!

These guys are great guys. They are logically consistent, to the extreme, and quite ideologically pure. Society told them micro-aggresions lurk everywhere, that women must fear continual aggression, that we must create a more just society. These guys, being logical thinkers, and motivated by a strong sense of justice, have taken this a far more extreme level than the average feminist, and turned themselves into strong progressives.

That's the thing about the INTJs. We commit fully to our ideas. We descend into the dark Memeplex and test out our beliefs. If we don't have the right priors, we buy into incredible nonsense. But damn will we believe it, mind, body, and soul.

These guys were lied to, and beyond redemption, not except in the Vietnam "we burned the hamlet to save it" sense. Crippled by the false perverted truth of a corrupted "Feminine," these guys stumble through life, mostly alone, always in danger of failed relationship and distant from real intimacy.

Is the Red Pill "spergy"? Nope, don't buy it. The majority of spergy guys are like the majority of other people: they buy into what society tells them. And they believe it more strongly, rationalize it more perfectly, and love it more deeply. So, like the majority of guys, they love the Feminine Imperative.

Do the women love them back?

No. That's why women call Red Pillers "spergy." Women respect these nerdy feminist warriors less than they respect their cats.

No Fanfare for them

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  1. I am really interested in the explanation of how "dude" disrespects women? Do a post on that please. Also would be nice if you could type out that dude's profile, family background, education, profession and a blood test report.

    We should get to the bottom of this, what could have possibly happened to him which made him such a loyal soldier of the imperative?