Monday, August 31, 2015

Yes, Even Shy Girls

:"Just so you know, I get touchy outside of work. I'm also a lot dirtier."

Household Beta fills up on weekends. We consider our personal relationships, both friends and family, the greatest source of our happiness. There's a lot of research that bears this out: unsurprisingly, social great apes do not prosper in anonymous cities and rigid work hierarchies.

Usually this puts me in touch with a lot of great people. This weekend I helped a Master Chef contesant move, along with an Architect Team Lead working on a major hospital project for a Western government. Then we all knocked back a few Coronas and made plans to tear up my carpet weekend, and possibly paint the nursery...assuming my Wife can pick a damn color.

Unfortunately, this also means I see a lot of dynamics for which my Civilized Mind cares little.

This weekend, I met up with Barbara. Barbara is a friend of Jenna's, if you remember Jenna, the plain jane girl that nexts every single guy in creation

I remembered Barbara quite clearly, having met her once before: Jenna invited her to a Meet-Up acting group. Quiet as a church mouse, and just as tiny, she didn't stand out at all, except that she was skinny and mildly attractive, which actually stands out a lot after 8 hours a day with obese office women.

Seeing her again brought a smile to my face: shy, geeky girls generally like me. I wasn't looking to pick her up, but Jenna and I wanted to dance, and it's better to spend time with someone who isn't a stuck up bitch.

Barabara told us her boyfriend could not come out. What a shame. But her friend from work, Daniel, was high-tailing out of a wedding to hang with us.

Leaving a wedding early? Pretty blaspehmous if you ask me. Bailing on the celebration of a holy sacrament reflects poorly on a man's character. But okay...

Dan arrived, and Barbara spent the next 3 hours flirting, grinding, and making out with Dan. I was flabber-gasted. Despite various warnings from the RedPill, seeing the conversion from Cute Mode to Slut Mode from a shy, barely speaking, church mouse girl right before my eyes left me speechless.

Oh, and I did mention I had a boyfriend?

The girls stayed the night at my house. When Barbara left, I commented on this to my Wife and to Jenna, and they both said the same thing:

"Well, she's like that with everyone."


Values dissonance?

Barbara explained before she left that she had this conversation with her boyfriend, saying that she had a lot of guy friends, and if he wanted to date her, well he just needed to be okay with her having guy friends.

Is this what cuck'd boyfriend had in mind?

"We're Just Friends"

I have little patience for "Squid Ink" in online conversations, nor am I particularly interested in hearing how hard dating is for young girls. We hear a lot about how most girls are looking for love and quite restricted, but stories like this can wallpaper the Sistine Chapel and still have enough left over to patch any holes in the Aquedects.

Other stories? My sister-in-law, Wendy, finally gave up on long-distance relationships, after running through 3 guys in a year. Instead, Wendy tried giving local dating a shot, by drunkenly making out with her co-worker, and then another guy from her law school, the same night.

If only she wasn't a born-again Christian who tried shaming my Wife and I for having premarital sex!

There's always Jenna herself, of course, a somewhat restricted girl who's had about 60 first dates and no second dates in the last year, who spent some of her college days streaking. She's a virgin, by the way.

I understand lapses in judgement and all, but I am not sympathetic. Guys have it about 1000x more difficult on the dating scene, with a lot less opportunity for these "lapses."

One of my favorite stories is my nerdy friend (a nerdy feminist friend, because, remember, most nerds are actually SJWs, not Red-Pill) who dated a religious Lutheran girl for well on two years, with, at most, 30 seconds of oral sex. They eventually broke up, after he became little more than a meal ticket. No, seriously, regularly she would call up, ask for Steak N Shake, they would pick up food, he would pay, and she would say "I have to go home and study."

A few months later, she met a guy at a wedding, they "hit it off," and she had a "lapse in judgement." Not having many friends, she panicked, and called her nerdy ex-boyfriend.

He promptly called me, alternating between psychopathic rage and near-suicidal depression. How could this "religious" girl pay so little attention to his sexual needs, want him so little, use him so badly, and then remind him of how utterly unwanted he was?

My nerdy friend later took a cross-country trip with another girl, one he used to have a crush on in high-school. They slept together a few times, but when they came back to New York City, she refused to see him any longer. It was over. Nerd Feminist Friend collapsed into total depression, lost his job, and moved back in with his parents.

Yes, Even The Shy Girls behave inappropriately, yes, even the shy girls treat us as disposable garbage, and yes, all men experience this.

This is gross, this is disgusting, this is insulting. It also is what it is, but if you want to "have a conversation," let's start with the actual fundamental issues about the normal guys losing ground, not how girls need to be able to call regret rape on every unsatisfying post-coital partner.

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  1. This is gross, this is disgusting, this is insulting. It also is what it is, but if you want to "have a conversation," let's start with the actual fundamental issues about the normal guys losing ground, not how girls need to be able to call regret rape on every unsatisfying post-coital partner

    As we both know from experience, trying to point this out and have this conversation with women is a no starter. Most women are only interested in having their solipsistic perception validated.