Monday, August 17, 2015

Remodel Time

Here at Household Beta we've fully piled away our belongings. With the rash of summer birthdays coming to an end, Mrs. Beta settling into her new job, and Mr. Beta's accounting workload dropping a bit, we finally have the time to look into serious remodeling.

Disagreements routinely flare between us. Our styles clash more than we might like, particularly since both of us are sticklers for details, and my Wife prefers more "tradtional" arrangements to my preference for "quirky" designs.

We own a post-war split-level home, with the main living floor at ground level, as opposed to a split entrance. This gives us a nice separation between the living area and the main bedrooms, though our sub-basement lacks the rec room space preferable for a ranch.

We do like our main living floor, though. We have a beautiful picture window peering onto the street, and pretty big rooms. The rooms are lightly furnished right now and feel incredibly spacious, though incredibly boring with bare white walls, white carpet, and a maple cabinet kitchen and maple hardwood floors.

That'll be the feature. We won't have a television in the main living area, not until our kids get a little older. We're looking to install a gas fireplace, reface the kitchen cabinets with some white, and add some natural stone tones to the countertops and kitchen island.

Over the dining room table, we'll hang an iron trellis, with Italian lights hung in them.

In the living room area, a few small couches, bookshelves against the wall, and a small seating area by the picture window to serve as a reading space.

All througout, some extra plant life, and a brick feature wall for the living room to bring a little extra livelihood to our main living space.

Definitely excited for the coming months!

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