Thursday, July 30, 2015


Only a few boxes remain. We can pull into our garage every night. The AC blasts freonized air throughout the whole house and keeps things a comfortable 70 (warmer on the second floor, but no reason to complain).

Our Internet pulls 50 MBPS from the net, all pots and pans lie within easy reach in our rationalized kitchen. The spigot does not spew water but pumps a constant flow to my sprinkler, all across a trimmed lawn kept up by a manual push mower.

We're comfortable now, which means my Wife and I can address bigger projects. First on the list, pulling up some carpet and seeing how the hardwood floors look. Maybe we'll have to restain the whole main level, since we'll have sun-bleached floors in the kitchen and darker wood everywhere else, but we'll see.

Our kitchen is maple cabinets and maple floors. No good. We're looking to reface, which gives a good reason to bust out some Rustoleum cabinet makeover kits. Dump the white backsplash and white corian, too. I prefer a more natural looking main floor. Something like this:

That's still a little "magazine-ish" to me, but a lot closer to what I want than some 90s-esque maple kitchen and white corian nightmare zone.

Finally, some real projects!

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