Sunday, May 3, 2015

Things for my Wife, Family, and Coworkers to Remember

Random accumulation of INTJ facts around the internet:

  1. They will gladly argue a point they don't actually support, just for the sake of argument or to probe things. This bears repeating: an INTJ can easily and persuasively assume a point of view which is wholly contrary to his actual conviction. If in doubt, ask.
  2. Remember that INTJs believe in workable solutions. They are open-minded to all and every possibility, but they will quickly discard any concept they deem unfeasible (including their own).
  3. Do not expect INTJs to care very much about how you view them. They already know that many people see them as arrogant bastards with a weird sense of humour and they long since got used to it.
  4. Stick to a statement after being proven wrong by facts or reasoning and an INTJ will treat you as an irrational idiot and everything you say as probable nonsense.
  5. Don't expect an INTJ to respect anything you (or some other authorities) say just because you (or some other authorities) say it. INTJs bow to one authority only: rationality.
  6. Ideas are of prime importance to INTJs, and disregarding or not listening to our ideas is the highest form of insult. Although INTJs do not hold grudges, neither do we go out of our way to associate with people who don’t give serious consideration to our ideas
  7. Q: My INTJ isn’t sensitive to my feelings. Should I take offense? A: We aren’t even sensitive to our own feelings. Why should we be expected to be sensitive to yours? We won’t even try to fake it. Insincerity is a pet peeve of ours, and anyway, it would ruin our reputation if we ever showed emotion.
  8. We hate small talk, gossip, and relationship/people talk. Really anything mundane is beneath us.
  9. (We hate) People who talk incessantly. We will just engage our “nod and smile” autopilot and mentally go somewhere else.
  10.  (We hate) People interfering with our alone time.
  11.  (We hate) Salespeople. INTJs are immune to emotional manipulation and have zero tolerance for lines of bullshit.

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