Thursday, September 10, 2015

Post Labor Day

The Beta household failed to hit our targets for Labor Day work, but there's worse things in the world.

Brief update: Those weeds mysteriously vanished, along with most of the 6 foot high, razor sharp monstrosities along the property line. Victory!

I felt great after the weeds died and carried the momentum forward into Labor Day Weekend. My friend, a Chicago school teacher, wanted to celebrate his last weekend of freedom with some good old fashion manual labor.

No problem. I swung by his apartment at 8 AM Saturday morning, picked up a few things from Home Depot, and went about ripping out this ugly gray stuff.

Mother Dearest warned me about the endless tedium involved in ripping out carpet. Nahhhhh. There's an honest fun in doing a bit of manual labor, and tearing out carpet ranks low on the required-skill level. Anyone can do it. Plus the guys I had on hand (another friend showed up after his work called unexpectedly) loved the work.

We started at 10 AM and wrapped up the last few staples by 2 PM. Nice, easy day. Beautiful hardwood underneath, but it's an old coat that needs refinished.

Left: Hardwood under the carpet. Right: Exposed hardwood. The exposed hardwood was refinished, looks like with a water finish. Looks less glossy. The right side sits a bit lower, since the finishing process stripped the top layer.

Unfortunately, refinishing the floors seemed out of reach. It's something an amateur can do, but I have a little hand-eye coordination problem, and a total lack of finesse. Since I never learned to color between the lines, my Wife and I agreed that refinishing the wood floors would be best left up to the professionals.

Red Pill continues per usual. No daily wife beatings, no beheadings, no negs, and I didn't even chain my wife to the kitchen.

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