Sunday, September 20, 2015

Damn That Smell

We finally have some new floors!

We contracted this job. A little piece of my soul died this week, but refinishing hardwood floors and potentially losing any sense of evenness terrified me. What I have in enthusiaism, I lose in finesse. Never even learned to color in the lines!

Luckily, the Contractor pained out some options on the floor. Father suggested Cherry, but my Wife and I opted for something a bit more natural. Of the above, I leaned towards the middle-brown Nutmeg color above. It's a mid-tone and shows a lot of the natural wood grain.

We played around with different lights throughout the day. At the end of the night, we blasted some incandescents on the floor, and...well...Nutmeg turned into a sickly gray.  Like, zombified flesh.

So we opted for the dark, English Chestnut instead.

Dark? A little bit, but the color shows up well under most lights. The last is the morning sun hitting the floor, and the floors are really beautiful. Once we put proper lighting throughout the main floor, we'll have a good, warm tone throughout the whole space.

Downside? Oh man that smell. The contractors stained Monday and finished Wednesday, and now, on Sunday, I still smell a harsh shoe polish everywhere.

The next project is moving all that furniture back in position and buying some new couches to match the space. Oh and getting vehicle stickers removed and addressing more tax concerns.

Oh, yay, adult life.

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