Thursday, April 16, 2015

Getting Through the Beta Week

Lots of great weather in the Chicago area lately. The mornings start cool, something around 40 degrees, but the mercury tops 60 by early afternoon. A light jacket, brisk walk, and open skies warm body and soul. Even the daintiest come out this time of year. 

Plus: It's the middle of the month, a great time for an accountant. Taxes are in, the mortgage was approved. Why not enjoy the spring?

All I got was a damn Tuesday. A Tuesday at Wrigley Field, yeah, but this was the highlight of the week:

Cubs couldn't even pull off a Win! First place my foot.

On Monday, I received an "emergency" meeting invitation from a panicked co-worker. Apparently, one of the insurance companies on our bad-boy-list got fed up with us, and made some serious complaints, to some very high level people at our company.

So, my company assigned some kind fellow, 3 levels down from CEO, to oversee our whole operation.

This is the first we have heard from this insurance company in two months, and they owe us $1.5 million. My attitude is nothing less than livid. My opinion? If their CEO is bitching to us, that means we've got them on the ropes and we should hammer those buggers for all their worth.

Unfortunately, no one wants to hear the opinion of a 28 year old in a room full of people with salaries in the low six figures at the lowest and seven figures at the highest.

When I came home today, I expected some time on the patio, maybe a sunset walk around the lake. Instead, I'm clearing the ice out of the freezer: looks like we may have a clogged defrost drain. I really hope not, because my defrost panel is NOT easily accessible. Why General Electric installed bolts instead of screws, I have no idea. Seriously, my biggest complaint with everything as I get older is that routine maintenance and repairs are a bitch. Now I understand why the Navy loves the F-18 hornet.

Daily drudgery of Beta life has set in, and I'm not even a Father yet!

In times like these, you try to yourself you are getting saddled with garbage because you are important. That if you show off your skills, you can impress the correct people and move on to greater roles.

Honestly, that's proving a struggle. We met with the Vice President today: we are exactly where we were 7 months ago, and no one had the cajones to suggest actually moving things forward. Instead, the agreement was that ADBG needs to do more work, pull more numbers, and then we can go back to the insurance company with "hard numbers."

We can change the numbers to whatever, we still don't have buy-in for resolution. For example, the insurance company says they can't pay us, because they can't bill their clients. It doesn't matter what the total dollar figure is, that's not budging, and that's been our key hang-up for 3 years now.

No one bothered mentioning this in our meeting, which we've all known, for 7 months. Or any of the other key issues.

It's hard to respect the organization when the organization cannot discern basic facts.

But whining gets you nowhere: I am enrolling in some advanced Microsoft Office classes and testing out the job market. We'll see if the new resume lands any bites.

I'm going to put that out as an important part of the life I want to build. I want to fix problems. Next up is the broken dryer. Then there's a car that needs an oil change. My sister-in-law needs a birthday present. And I'm going to find a new job where I can fix problems, or at least explain problems, rather than sitting silent while more senior people get even the most basic facts wrong.

And it could always be wrong. Reba sure as hell knows:

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