Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Stepford Wife

A Modern Career Feminist, advancing her world-changing idea:

My Wife and I, along with Jenna, sat down to this movie last night. During the week, we enjoy something a little more carefree. Light-hearted. Funny. Hopeful?

Stepford Wives was my choice. Perhaps I could have done better, though the Frank Oz satire definitely gave my gut a few good heaving laughs! By the end of the night, Jenna and I were rolling on the ground. How could you not enjoy such a hysterical romp condenming the evils of modern feminism?

Oh, wait. That's not what it's about?

We're staring a predictable satire. The movie holds pretty true to the book: the men decide to create robots of their wives so they can have perfect lives. The movie introduces a twist when it turns out that *GASP* the whole thing is a conspiracy by a former career-driven ball-busting woman who just wants to enjoy a Midsummer Night's Waltz.

Men in the Neo-Masculine movement are often told we have unrealistic standards of women, that we merely want a "Stepford Wife." Real men like aggressive women, you know. Real Men cook. Real Men clean. Real Men of course change half the diapers, and nothing is sexier (over time).

Real men date real women who leave their houses like this:
Oh, sorry. Wrong image. That was Berlin after we bombed it for 4 years and the Soviets leveled it with 40,000 artillery pieces.
Here's a how real UnStepford Wife keeps her home (image from the movie):

You can see how my confused mind accidentally grabbed the wrong picture.

On more than one occasion, I visited my Wife's home when she lived alone, and found it shape much like the photo above. This is a common complain among virtually all my male friends: our female significant others are absolute slobs. This is not cute, this is not endearing, it's not the result from a "busy life," it's laziness and immaturity. When we first began living together, this is one of the character traits I sought to immediately mitigate in my Wife.

This took a great deal of time, but I am pleased to say that, at a minimum of tension, my Wife does not leave her purses on the floor anymore, she washes off her dishes and puts them in the dishwasher, and she keeps laundry clean on a daily basis. Lest the Froth Brigade resort to their normal "double-shift" nonsense, I washed the dishes when I came home, put away the clean dishes, seasoned my cast iron, and then sat down to this post, after working an extra hour and a half at work, with no lunch.

Do not bring your "Patriarchy" nonsense to a home more loving and by all indications more "egalitarian" than your own.

Obviously, while most Men do not want to date a robot, most Men do not want to live in the shelled-out remains of a post-war capital. Especially not with the twisted sort of "Careerist" mindset that celebrates Open Hypergamy in television form.

Most men do not want to date a Stepford Wife. But we absolutely do not want to date the "Successful" Women, who were so wildly sociopathic that they made their husbands prefer a cheap Wall-E imitation compared to a real person. Nor do they want to embrace on the clinically sexless "marriages" so frequently found in the Modern Era.

A Neo-Masculine man obviously prefers something a little more positive, even at the expense of "accomplishments." Even if the penalty is living in a drafty old house:

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