Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spring Landscaping

What a misnomer. I can't get around to any landscaping this Spring. We've had a lot of bad weekends in the Chicago area recently. Three weeks ago it snowed, and it rained all of yesterday. Today looks to be another soaker.

We sunk the nice days into our raised garden beds. The Beta Household looks to grow fresh produce this year! I'm pretty excited for peppers and tomatoes right out of the garden. We're also adding in eggplant, beans, and broccoli, with a patch devoted to brussel sprouts in the Spring.

That meant stripping sod. A lot of sod. Ever strip sod? I thought digging a hole would be easy, but 80 sq ft of sod meant an entire damn day, a nasty sunburn to boot. The Dunkel that evening tasted so damn good.

In the end, we did manage to slap together a pair of 6x6 raised gardens. All we need now are dirt and plants.

It's looking pretty damn sad, but I'm happy to throw in the work. The one on the left, I sunk some posts and then tried to build the walls around.

Mmmmm, not the best idea. Something I learned: wood has a way of moving on its own. The lack of extra hands or vice grips made the project a real bitch and the shoddy worksmanship shows. Not even close to square:

The second was built above-ground. I drafted my Wife to help hold some of the wood together. My Dad gave me a long headshake because I didn't have mitered edges, but I don't have a compound miter saw. Christmas Present idea for the future?

The second ended up looking a lot better.

The edges are almost square, too!

I am not such a fan of the brick "walkway." But they're free! Leftover from the previous owner. I'll take the money savings right now and install some legitimate paver at some other point. I'll probably take these out and resettle them anyways, when it's a little drier. The mud made working a little difficult, and they're definitely bowing in the middle already.

I swear these actually lined up when I put them in....

All in all, at least I got a little work in. The only real project left will be a weed&feed, probably next weekend.

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