Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy to be Redpill in 2015

Normal people make resolution this time of year. I try to as well, but have not yet spent enough time on last year's to note any major successes or failures.

We think a lot about the future, but unless waxing nostalgic or whining, rarely look at the past. And rarely do we evaluate the past in any reasonable manner! The philosophy of SMART goals never get applied to New Year's Resolutions.

When's the last time you actually measured one of your resolutions? I know I set a goal to meet 10 new friends at my company outside my department: never happened. Think I made 2, even despite joining the company softball team.

Reflection is the most important thing we do as humans. It's what separates us from animals, if you ask me. We can recall our past, analyze, and make ourselves better.

Right now, though, I want to reflect on why I am happy to be a Red-Pill man, and why you should want to be Red-Pill. I did not take notes on a daily business: perhaps I should. Paying attention to your daily blessings is actually a good way to make yourself happier.

Embracing Red Pill ideas counts as a blessing, too.

Let's see what made me happy to be Red Pill this year:

1. Watching my Architect friend struggle through 12 months of single-dom. He hit the online dating circuit late in 2014. A suit and an Arichtecture job earned him a lot of dates, same as first time, and the same as the first time, he struggled to ever land a second date. His Mom told him to read 50 Shades of Gray and act more like an asshole: a great indicator you might be too nice. 

Red Pill Contrast: My Wife liked me enough to ask me out, and when I dumped her for not living up to my standards, she spent a month trying to win me back. 

2. Meeting my Architect friend's new girlfriend. A damn sight prettier than the last, to be sure, and this one is FIT! rather than packing 30 extra pounds. But her personality? Damn. Every sarcastic jab shredded any appreciation I had for this girl. Her 20 minute dissertation detailing why my friend lacked the Cool Points for a Jersey Shore party made me want to kick her down the Sparta Hole. 

Red Pill Contrast: My Wife maintained the disposition of an Angel. Her nurturing personality led people to confuse her with Nurse, Professional Baker, elementary school teacher, and librarian. No one doubts her compassion, and my nieces and nephews love her. 

3. Watching my Mother-In-Law serve warmed-over store-bought lasagna to my Father In Law. My Mother-In-Law is a stay-at-home Mom with only a single child left at home, in high school. My Father-In-Law travels to earn an income to put FIVE children through college. She spent the entire week busying her social calendar with book events with her mother, and gave herself and her dinner at a reasonable hour, while serving the warmed over leftovers to my FIL. This is a divorceable offense. 

Red Pill Contrast: Wife prepares dinner on demand. She served frozen vegetables once this year, and never did again after a suitable dressing down. The Beta Household ONLY serves fresh veggies. 

4. Listening to my Best Man complain about poor sex drive. They have been together for a few years now, and he thought about the M-Word. He invited her to stay at his home for a test drive. Despite an initial period of twice- and thrice-daily sex, he found her sex drive waning throughout the year, to the point he felt like he "abused" her. And he's still thinking about proposing. 

Red Pill Contrast: Our sex life is better than ever. Sex is on demand and more organic, and easier to do in our home. Oral play has skyrocketed to a multiple-time-per-week event, with "finish."

5. Seeing Jenna reject man after man. I've mentioned this girl before, a girl who has dated so many men she can barely visit the grocery store without encountering a prior flame. She even dated my Architect Friend once this year! After every date she whined about how the men bored her. She eventually found a cocky man, so much a Red Pill stereotype I suspect he frequents the Manosphere as well. 

Red Pill Contrast: Do I even need to explain the contrast? The Red Pill guy got the girl in the end! I don't know for sure if he's Red Pill, but given his Facebook posting, aversion and knowledge of Social Justice, I strongly suspect this is case. Even if not, Jenna and my Wife spent much of the year discussing when they would like to visit the strip club with me: something more than the merry band of White Knights dating her ever get to experiment. 

It's great to be Red Pill.   

As for my Wife? 
She's happier than ever. Every night she snuggles up to me and tells me how much she loves me. I suspect seeing her sisters struggle through their own dates reinforces how lucky she really is. She loves our new home, and she is excited for a new child (though we haven't quite succeeded that yet). 

2016 looks to be better than ever.   

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