Saturday, June 27, 2015

Too Boring

Alpha Game currently features a series of posts on becoming Delta. Commenters express confusion: Delta means mediocore. Why strive for mediocrity?

One commenter notes that the Delta Author does not enjoy life:

It's plain there is zero excitement in life for a delta. You can hear it in the bland tone of these pieces in the delta series.

This is not a fair characterization. Men often speak in a dull tone, doubly-so for academic text. Reading Rollo or Vox reminds me of the Federalist Papers. Lord help the man who powers through Keynes or Friedman, or any dry academic text.

Do not confuse the absence of overt emotion with the absence of life. Beige prose deserves recognition as part of the American's man literary arsenal, and demands for Romanticized accounts of normal life generate unrealistic expectations for the ordinary man.

I quite enjoy my life. Here's what I did this morning:

-Woke up
-Walked to the village library
-Picked up a book on pre-revolutionary France
-Watched a few episodes of Evangelion
-Baked a turkey casserole
-Bought groceries
-Cleaned my house
-Properly made love to my fertile young Wife
-Played guitar
-Read a National Geographic book on Medieval History
-Wrote this blog post

Dry? Uninspired? If you say so. I enjoy sitting beside my picture window in the home I have purchased out of my legitimately earned market wage and maintain through the sweat of my brow, learning the history of the Anglo-Saxons and Carolingians that gave birth to the current A Definite Beta Guy.

Next, I'll grill some ribeyes, and if I am lucky, a swift summer storm will roll over my village before I watch the new Hunger Games film, rented at convenience from the local Redbox for a nominal fee.

This is a life my ancestors, fleeing the Thirty Year's War, would have envied, and for which they have created entire nations.

No, I don't need a damn jet ski, because I'm not a spoiled princess.

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