Saturday, March 21, 2015

Weekend 3/21/2015

Oh, if only we could have fun every weekend....

Today's Adventure is finishing our Mortgage Application and saying good-bye to $500 at the bank, on top of the $5,000 in earnest money. My poor account!

This Afternoon features a Home Inspection Tour. Fingers crossed for no radon and no mold. Unfortunately, Father will not make it. In the mean time, I'll be running a few measurements of my own so I can start planning a first floor renovation and furniture placement.

This evening, I insisted my Wife take some time to herself. She'll be attending a girl's slumber party or some such. She has few friends of our her own, so she'll be hanging out with my female friends. I will finish the monthly budget (which is already looking bad), and then diving into a Roosevelt biography. 

This weekend is a sight sorer than last. No St. Patrick's day to celebrate this Saturday. But any time to indulge my INTJ is a good time. The week does not afford such opportunties.

In the mean-time, listen to this:

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